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If you're committed to developing engaging multi-channel campaigns, you're in the right place. We specialise in animal health and we really do enjoy it.


By immersing ourselves in the market we discover what it takes to fully engage your target audience.


Innovative tactics through single or multi-channel programmes keeps customers engaged for the life of the campaign and beyond.


We not only meet the KPIs, we deliver on time and in budget to keep you… engaged.

Did you know?

Dogs interpret a smiling person as baring their teeth, which is an act of aggression

Did you know?

In France, it WAS forbidden to call a pig Napoleon

Did you know?

A cat named Stubbs has been mayor of Talkeetna Alaska for over 15 years

Did you know?

Chicks are able to communicate with their mother whilst still in the egg

Did you know?

Horses cannot breathe through their mouths

Did you know?

Missy, the world's most expensive cow, was bought for $1.2m

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When you're worried that your audience may be flagging - why not 'energise' your presentations with our amazing and easy to use 'fascinating animal facts' energiser slides

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